ATS Group is India’s leading builders. It is one of the most trustworthy names in the Indian real estate sector. The homes constructed under this project is nothing short of a heaven. No other housing group has tasted such vast success as that of the ATS Group. The group is a pioneer in giving people the happiness they deserve for their hard-earned money. The construction design of the houses beats even the international standards. They are made so as to give people a feel of ancient culture as well as the epitome of modernity. The ATS Group does not charge for the rooms or the halls but for the spaces it gives to the people. The use of space is highly optimized in these houses. It reminds one of a British house where the hall leads to a small hallway where the bedrooms are attached. The comfort of the homes offered by the ATS Group is of an ultimate level. One of the fascinating facts about this marvellous housing society is that it devotes maximum time in planning the structure of the house and the locality. The base of a masterpiece is nothing but how well it has been planned. The execution is also of the top notch quality as no comprise is done in terms of the quality of the products used to make these grand houses. It cares deeply for the safety of the people and hence adheres to the rules and regulations set by the government. ATS Group is a gem in architecture and makes sure that people get a chance to live in a perfect space. There is no scope for any loose ends in terms of finishing of the houses. It is reigning in the housing real estate in Delhi-NCR. Soon, the ATS Group is coming with its new venture in providing commercial spaces.